Text Message Marketing for Tax Professionals, Real Estate and Restaurants

SMS can be used successfully for any type of business, but some industries are particularly more suited for this marketing method.

Keep on reading to discover how text messaging can be used by real estate, restaurants, and tax professionals.

Real estate

Things are moving very fast in the real estate industry, and agents need an effective way to keep their clients updated all the time. Here is how you can use SMS if you are a real estate business:

·         Allowing interested people to request information about a house and getting their phone number at the same time – for instance, they need to send a keyword like “home” to your phone number and you are notified on your email address

·         Sending information about a specific property to potential clients – square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, and mobile links to photos and videos

·         Alerting clients of new listings and great offers

·         Sending your contact information to prospective buyers


Send the right text message when people are hungry and chances are they’ll have a meal at your place:

·         Allowing customers to subscribe to your marketing campaign by sending a keyword to your phone number. Offer a free drink with the purchase of any food item to determine people to opt-in

·         Sending mobile offers  - like 50% discount on a specific food item

·         Announcing new items on your menu and weekly specials

·         Alerting loyal customers of available reservations for upcoming holidays

·         Sending 1:1 customer relationship messages (welcome messages, anniversary offers, birthday wishes, etc.)

·         Sending alerts about changes in open hours or closures

Tax Professionals

Those working in the tax industry know that January to April is a busy time and need a tool to take some of the workload off their shoulders. If you are a tax professional, consider SMS for the following reasons:

·         Informing clients about tax law updates

·         Sending appointment reminders. These reminders can be transferred to your clients’ smartphone calendars, making your lives easier and preventing you from losing revenue

·         Providing tax tips. Clients are more likely to do business with you again if they perceive you as an expert in the field – you just need to offer them some tricks of the trade in less than 160 characters

·         Keeping in touch outside the tax season – you can provide other related services, such as financial planning, and promote them via SMS

Do you work in any of these three industries? It’s high time you started using text messaging to its full potential!

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