9 Ways Businesses Are Using Text Messages to Reach More Customers

Text Marketing— a strategy used by some of today's most successful businesses and entrepreneurs who recognize consumer preferences have dramatically changed over the last few years, transforming the world of marketing & advertisement.

Text marketing is now one of the most powerful communication channels for businesses. It's so powerful that it is taking the lead as the most effective way to quickly connect with customers.

And with a myriad of tools and services available for businesses to run campaigns over SMS, text marketing has become more accessible than ever— phones today also support MMS (Multimedia Message Service), allowing organizations and entrepreneurs to enhance messages with images and other multimedia.

So as you could imagine, businesses are finding creative ways to harness the power of text marketing to engage their prospects and customers. 

1. Birthday and Anniversary Messages

iTextMyClients can automate Birthday and Anniversary greetings to send on desired dates and times from wherever you are. 

These campaigns are an excellent way to build that brand affinity for your business—your contacts usually find themselves in an agreeable mood on these occasions, so make use of that goodwill and spread the cheer by selecting one of our free, ready-to-send, Birthday/Anniversary MMS. 

2. Payment and Billing Reminders

Like most consumers, many of your customers prefer online billing but may need a more attention-grabbing notice to remind them to pay their bills. With text marketing you can coordinate campaigns designed to grab their attention, so payments are in on time—watching out for both of your best interest. On account of this, consider a text message reminder campaign for recurring & overdue invoices.

You can also use text marketing like Starbucks did in the advertisement below when the coffee masters launched a campaign instructing their customers to text "APP" to shortcode "697289" on their mobile phones to download the Starbucks Mobile Payment App, facilitating a faster method of payment as most people have their phones on their hands and not their wallets. 

3. Appointment, Confirmation and Rescheduling Reminders

Businesses from across all industries, rely on staff members to make standard phone calls to remind their customers of upcoming appointments.

This approach often results in missed appointments due to lack of communication. Businesses have subsequently added text marketing to their marketing strategy in efforts to establish a better connection with their customers and remind them of upcoming meetings, rescheduled appointments—even set campaigns to confirm appointments resulting in more shows than no-shows. 

4. Event Reminders, Updates, and Promotions

Event planners, coordinators and other marketing pros are successfully using text messaging to engage and delight their attendees by sending event reminders before events, updated last-minute schedule changes, and even gather customer feedback. These events can also provide businesses with excellent opportunities to not only connect with customers but promote to prospects all at once. 

5. Job Opening Alerts 

You can create group campaigns with a particular set of people offering the opportunity to apply for a new position. These text alerts can speed up the screening process and assist you in making the right decision of choosing the candidate who best compliments your team.  

Many businesses use the same strategy to alert existing employees to apply to new career opportunities. 

6. One-off Orders

Some businesses in The Food & Beverage industry have seen great success in integrating app downloads for online ordering, but these apps can be quite pricey for small business owners to build and maintain. 

Small restaurant chains are integrating text marketing to get the same services at a much lower cost— setting campaigns to announce company news, compile customer experience, take orders and promote their business along with new dishes.

7. Order Confirmations and Delivery Updates

As consumers, we can all agree on enjoying those text message notifications with a link directing us to our order confirmation & updated order statuses. Your customers want and expect the same, and with text marketing, you can set up personalized, automated order confirmation and delivery updates like retailers such as Amazon. 

8. Referrals

Word-of-mouth works. It has been working since the beginning of time. But as a business owner or entrepreneur, you should not rely on the hope that the word gets around for your business to grow— kicking back and wishing for success will not sustain your dreams of becoming successful, you want to take action. 

Adopting a strategized text message campaign asking your best customers to refer family and friends is not only a more proactive, effective way to get your referrals but it'll also prevent some of those gray hairs from coming out sooner than later #Just Saying. 

9. Inspirational & Motivational Messages

We all want and need to be inspired. Inspirational & motivational messages can provide the extra push we often find ourselves in need of to either take that initial step or keep us from going astray. 

The Health & Fitness industry recognizes the need and rocks it when it comes to delivering what we need, the moment we need it using text marketing.

We understand your needs for a cost-effective, trackable everything type of service that gives you the freedom you need to conquer your dreams and still get the members and results you want to succeed. 

Text messages will help you schedule automated campaigns ahead of time and still get that real-time engagement every customer wants. 

So get with it and reach your members at times when they need you most such as early mornings before for that yoga—muscle maker class or on those late hours for your core crushing training that when combined with excellent nutrition, your members will be looking their best and loving you because of it! 

How Will You Use Text Marketing?

Let iTextMyClients help you keep in touch with your customers and attract new ones by using Text Marketing— a strategy used by some of today's most successful businesses and entrepreneurs who recognize consumer preferences have dramatically changed over the last few years, transforming the world of marketing & advertisement.