3 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Text messages – this tactic is widely used because SMS is quick to write and feels informal. SMS marketing is accessible and easy to implement, but this doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to work. There are both good and bad marketing campaigns, and you can go wrong with SMS too.

Discover the 3 most common SMS marketing mistakes you should avoid, so you enjoy the full benefits of this marketing method.

1. Not including a call to action

When it comes to marketing copy, you should know that website content, emails or messages to customers are not written just for the art’s sake, but to produce results. Friendly interactions between you and customers are good, but you need to take one step further and ask them to do or purchase something. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is determining people to buy your product, and many businesses fail to do this. However, don’t send messages just about promotions and urge people to buy all the time, or they’ll be annoyed.

Quick fix: Ask for response in every SMS and check with a member of the staff or a friend if they can identify the call to action.

2. Sending at the wrong time

Getting the best response often depends on the time when you send the text message. Nobody likes receiving an SMS at 3 AM and people are not interested in your dinner offer at 8 AM. At the same time, you should also avoid peak hours because that’s when everybody sends messages. Research has shown that opt-out levels are highest during week-ends.

Quick fix: Choose the time when you send you text wisely and use scheduling software to have your messages delivered at the right hour if you are not available at that particular time.

3. Annoying subscribers

Customers should feel that your messages bring value and introduce them to some amazing opportunities. On the other hand, subscribers will be put off if you do mistakes such as sending the same message multiple times, pushing your products of services too much, or sending messages that don’t actually say anything funny or interesting.

Quick fix: Be honest with yourself – would you like to receive the kind of text messages you are sending to your subscribers?  Take example from successful SMS marketing campaigns or call to the services of a professional copywriter if you are not a gifted writer.

Avoid these common mistakes to make sure you don’t drive customers away; SMS marketing should be exciting and keep customers waiting for more news and offers from your company.

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