7 Top Reasons Why Your Business Need Text Message Marketing

SMS is not a new technology, but businesses are discovering more and more ways to use it every day. Text messaging has become an essential part of multi-channel marketing and those neglecting this customer communication method are missing a great opportunity to improve their ROI.

If you’re not sure about the next step you should make with your marketing strategy, consider the following benefits of SMS for your business:

1. Speed – SMS is almost instant!

Text messages are delivered fast and reach your subscribers exactly when you want it. This increases your conversion rate because people receive the message when they are most likely to read it or when they need to make a purchasing decision.

2. Saving Money – Low Cost Marketing Options

SMS campaigns are cost effective, compared to traditional marketing methods. Use SMS instead of mail – not only is it more efficient, but it also allows you to cut costs.

3. Concise and Short Messages for Higher Impact

A text message has only 160 characters and this encourages you to formulate a clear and concise message. With email you may be tempted to include unnecessary details, but SMS requires you to communicate just the essence, thus augmenting your message’s impact.

 4. Helps you Increase Engagement with Your Customers

You can use various types of content to enhance customer engagement – updates, news, tips, reminders, and so on. Texting is seen as invasive by some marketers, but customers are not bothered if messages come from local services they are already accustomed to, such as hairdressers or dentists. If you own a small business, SMS is the perfect way to engage with customers without too much effort.

 5. Feedback – Get Instant Feedback About Your Products or Services

It’s hard to determine someone to take part in a survey, but you have higher chances of getting their feedback if you reach them via SMS. This is because SMS is perceived as personal and surveys administered through SMS are concise and can be completed in just a few minutes. Research suggests that around 1/3 of customers agree to respond to a survey via SMS if it lasts 5 minutes.

6. Integration – Easy to Integrate with Other Marketing Options

SMS can be used to increase the efficiency of other communication channels, such as email and social media. For instance, you can use SMS to increase email open rates by sending a reminder such as “Have you read our last email?” or you can determine more people to take part into your social media contest by reaching them on their mobile phones.

 7. Ruling Out Uninterested Subscribers – Target Your Right Audience

Data protection laws require you to provide subscribers with the opportunity to opt out in every message. Customers are more likely to simply ignore email messages from you and become “emotionally unsubscribed”, but they will use the SMS opt out feature more often, thus preventing your from sending messages to uninterested audiences.

These are just a few of SMS business benefits – start implementing this effective marketing method today and discover other good reasons to send text messages to customers!

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