What Are The Uses of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the use of text messages to communicate with customers and prospects. Text messages are not traded just between friends, but they can also be used by businesses to achieve higher ROI.

Here are some of the most common uses for SMS marketing:

Time-sensitive announcements

The first businesses to introduce SMS marketing were bars and nightclubs – they used text messages to promote drink specials or to introduce entertainers and bands appearing soon.

Sending appointment reminders

Local businesses providing various services from hairstyling to automobile repairs can use SMS to remind customers of their appointment. Fewer no-showers means less revenue loss for your business.

Mobile discounts

Subscribers can be rewarded with mobile discounts and special deals; businesses usually ask them to complete a short poll in exchange so they get customer feedback.

Counting down the days

You can keep your customers wired by counting down the days until the next important event either it’s the launch of a new product or a charity gala.


Customers are usually required to text a keyword to a short code to win a contest. This will increase customer engagement and help you grow your marketing list.

Customer surveys

The secret is to run short surveys that take just minutes to answer. This works because it requires subscribes less effort than completing a questionnaire, plus they can take the survey on the go instead of being stuck in front of the computer.

Providing customer service

Solving simple customer issues via SMS is less time-consuming than talking on the phone – such as providing information about the delivery status of an item or apologizing for an error. Moreover, text messages are perceived as highly personal, thus making customers feel you are paying special attention to them.

Are you ready to make use of SMS marketing to grow your business?
The next step is finding a reliable SMS marketing service at affordable costs and which can preferably be tried for free. In the end, craft your SMS messages carefully and watch the impact of your marketing campaign!

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